Before working with Rachel I felt uncomfortable, trapped, sad, and had a lot of anxiety about food. After working with Rachel I am hopeful, excited, informed about food choices, and energized. I feel a lot better and can tolerate many more foods than before so I am hopeful! I was experiencing extreme bloating after every meal, stomach/gut pain and nausea after meals, very loose bowel movements, extreme weight loss, fatigue, and a recurring hand rash. I had been controlling my symptoms with a Low FODMAP diet for over a year. I had several gut infections as shown on testing and when I retested after working with both Rachel and another practitioner the gut infections were completely gone. Rachel was very friendly and understanding, concerned about my health and wanted to work on whatever I needed help with. She created a plan that was specific to me. For me it was the best treatment I have received for my issues. I highly recommend Rachel! She is knowledgeable and caring, easy to work with and makes you feel understood.

Orlee S from MN

I had general fatigue, brain fogginess, and general joint pain before working with Rachel. After the diet change I have lost about 40 pounds, am now able to run about 3 miles a day, am no longer experiencing general fatigue, brain fogginess and I no longer have any joint pain! My fasting blood sugars have improved as well as by B12 levels since the diet change.

Rachel helped me to understand the reason behind the diet changes, which helped provide motivation for me to change. I had lots of questions about why this diet change mattered. She helped provide resources for me, diet guidelines, information on foods, recipes, etc. 

The changes I have made in my diet have completely and absolutely changed my life. I don’t think I could have sustained these changes without knowing that Rachel was there when I needed her, both for accountability, but also for help in managing the changes for the long haul. I have never felt better, as an almost 62-year-old woman I have some of the energy and strength that I had as a 20-year-old.

Rachel has a perfect personality for this type of work. She is extremely knowledgeable,  as well as warm and compassionate. It’s obvious that she listens and that she cares. Her approachability makes it wonderful to work with her. 


I decided to work with Rachel in the Gut Reboot Method because I really wanted to evaluate how non-dietary things were affecting my diarrhea, cramping, bloating, gas, and reflux (sleep, stress etc). My symptoms are almost nonexistent now. I sleep really well. I have less bloat and more energy and I just had no idea so many things affect digestion. You have absolutely nothing to lose except for bloating, diarrhea/constipation, and perhaps misery. If you follow the program (actually do the work) you will absolutely have results!

Melissa Samuels

“I lost 10lbs and several inches. My clothes feel more comfortable on my body. My belly is no longer bloated! I feel lighter, sunnier, energized, encouraged, awake, and sharp. I can exercise vigorously again. I feel sunny, energized, and optimistic. Most of my symptoms have 100% subsided and have remained that way!”

I first came to work with Rachel because I had tried everything under the sun to rid  of my hives, chronic fatigue, major blood sugar swings, swollen tonsils, digestive issues etc. I was miserable, lethargic, pessimistic, generally cranky.  I was a “healthy” co-op going, water drinking, 8-hour sleeping, gluten free, dairy free, organic consuming, vitamin supplementing person (or so I thought). I tried what seemed to be everything available in the western medicine world as well as the holistic world ranging from dermatology visits and allergy treatments to body work to energy work to stress management techniques to several dietary protocols.

Rachel is unlike any other. She is 100% laser focused, determined, and committed to guiding you to better health. I have worked with countless health professionals and I have never felt more truly seen and well cared for. You would think you are her only client by the attention to detail that she gives. Rachel takes serious time and energy studying all of the information before, during, and after our sessions and it shows. It made a world of difference to have someone to that attentive to my individualized needs. The support she is able to offer the entire way through the program is incredible. There were real moments of struggle for me. Rachel anticipated those and was available to coach me through the tough times in real time. Her communication is incredible and her dedication is so appreciated! I’ve never experienced anything like it! Thank you Rachel!

It’s simple: if you want to feel better, work with Rachel. Listen, learn, and do whatever she says. 😀

Annie F

I had brain fog, GI symptoms (gas, bloating, constipation), irritability, and fatigue, to name a few symptoms. I already practice a super clean diet and have come a long way from when I started my functional nutrition journey. But there were still pieces left and I knew I could feel better and progress even further with the personalized MRT/LEAP approach.

I was able to start exercising again and got a new job (that I don’t think I would’ve gotten if my brain fog wasn’t under control).

Rachel is so empathetic and understanding and that made the journey that much better. She is not only your nutritionist but your partner in figuring out the symptoms and notices the progress you’ve made even when you don’t notice it yourself! It’s great to have someone there to guide and support you throughout this process.

She’ll never get on your case for going off-plan but instead will find ways for you to grow within the protocol you’re working on. If something isn’t working for you, she’ll change the approach or offer suggestions to make things better. She has so much knowledge and experience and I couldn’t have gone on this journey without her supporting me throughout. Rachel will change your life!

Ashley Smith

I first came to Rachel because I was having digestive issues, fatigue, chronic pain, and acne, along with other issues. I had tried many different diets, and I was tired of guessing what was right for my body. For 12 years, I went from doctor to doctor only to be told that I was too young and looked too healthy for there to be anything wrong with me. It wasn’t until I finally said enough is enough – 2 cancer diagnoses, 3 osteoarthritis surgeries, plus other “mystery” chronic injuries later – that I took my health into my own hands. I finally got the diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Sjogren’s Syndrome, and Mast Cell Activation in 2018. Then I was referred to Rachel. 

My initial symptom survey score was 68. That score is now down to only 18. You don’t realize how bad you feel until you feel good. Once the results of my food sensitivity test came back, she went over exactly which foods and supplements were likely contributing to which symptoms, and she gave me a detailed plan for what foods to eat, which ingredients in supplements to avoid, and details of how to start introducing back into my diet between visits. 

Before working with Rachel, I felt overwhelmed. I read that what I was eating was supposed to be great for autoimmune conditions, but it wasn’t working for my body. I now have answers as to what does and does not work with my body. There is no more guessing. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and stressed about food, I have a solid plan and I can just enjoy eating. 

Working with Rachel is priceless! For the first time in years, I have not been to the doctor for yet “one more” mystery ailment. My chronic pain levels have decreased, I don’t have to buy endless acne products, I’m sleeping through the night, and am more productive at work.

L. J.

Body odor, stomach aches, and bloating were the major symptoms we’d dealt with for years. We tried the GAPS diet and saw improvement but the odor and bloating came back as soon as we tried introducing any foods. I saw a major improvement in food sensitivities and credit this to increased gut health. Before working with Rachel, we felt discouraged, frustrated, and confused. Now I’m hopeful! I also feel equipped with the tools to deal with setbacks.

It is an investment that will pay off for life. Our entire family’s health has benefited and I am very optimistic that these changes will be lifelong. Rachel was able to untangle health issues that I’ve faced for years that other doctors have been completely perplexed by. It took time, discipline, and work on my part, but her support throughout the entire process made it possible. Apart from Rachel’s guidance, I am sure we wouldn’t have sorted through the mess and made sense of these health issues.

Alex M

Being diagnosed pre-diabetic, high cholesterol, IBS, and hypothyroid in two years really opened my eyes. Before working with Rachel, I felt bloated, tired, & fat. Now, I feel awake, alive, and comfortable leaving a toilet behind and going on adventures. So far I’ve lost 20lbs. Legit there were foods that I am highly sensitive to that I was eating every day. Just those first changes made huge differences. Finding out what I thrive on is an incredible advantage to living a healthier happier life.

Jacob Garrison

I have seen conventional and functional doctors and nothing seemed to make me feel 100%. I’ve had Hashimoto’s and my thyroid had never been stable. I would see the doctor every few months. I also had many gut issues, food sensitivities, skin issues, and unexplainable inflamed lips. Now, my thyroid levels have stabilized, my doctor decreased my medication, my thyroid antibodies went down dramatically, and I lost 11 pounds. She has addressed my health problems in a way I could never say “Thank You” enough.

Heather Ravenscroft

I’ve had chronic digestive problems for years, including most recently painful gallbladder attacks. I’ve been to three functional medicine providers and feel like I’ve tried everything but have achieved only temporary success. Rachel was the first functional nutritionist I’ve seen.

I was frustrated over the lack of real progress from other treatments and exhausted by the whole process thus far. Rachel’s genuine compassion meant more than I can say. In the appointment, she listened carefully and provided suggestions that made sense to me and work for me. I felt like I was in expert hands.

I’m now hopeful. Not enough time has passed yet to have hard data, but it’s enough that the gallbladder attacks have subsided. 

If your goal is true healing (and not being reliant on medications that only serve to suppress symptoms, not heal) this is the way to go, and Rachel is a knowledgeable, compassionate expert to get you there.

Tracy G

Before working with Rachel, I was putting up with occasional brain fog, fatigue, migraines, and I wasn’t able to drop the last few pounds of my post-baby weight. After going through the [MRT/LEAP] process I feel extremely balanced, am really in tune with how foods are affecting me, no longer have brain fog and keep up my energy levels to keep up with my kids all day long. I am also maintaining my weight without any struggle now. These may seem like minor benefits to some people but being in control of feeling good is really wonderful. Rachel is easy to talk to, provided great recipes, and helped assuage any initial anxiety I had about making the stricter portions of the elimination diet work for a family of 4. Her consultation is patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. One-size-fits-all food approaches should be a thing of the past!

Ingrid Y

I was worried I was never going to find an answer to my problems so was hesitant to spend the money [to work with Rachel]. I was always feeling bloated, and not great. I would eat food or water and suddenly feel like I was many months pregnant. I tried a few different ways of eating recommended to me by my doctor… none of it worked or wasn’t sustainable. I felt frustrated and honestly like I was never going to get back to the body I wanted. During the process with Rachel I noticed a change within the first few weeks. I was suddenly starting to feel like my old self slowly. I would highly recommend this process. So far I would say it is worth every penny.

-A successful and satisfied client

I’d like to share a victory. Last night I went out to eat and decided to indulge for the first time in years. I had foods with buttermilk ranch, Mexican cheese and heavy whipped cream. I also had a glass of wine. I felt great during the meal and wasn’t sleepy or headachy last night. Not at all. I woke up with minor congestion which is typical.  Thanks again for all of your coaching! It’s working!

Michelle E

I’d like to share a victory. Last night I went out to eat and decided to indulge for the first time in years. I had foods with buttermilk ranch, Mexican cheese and heavy whipped cream. I also had a glass of wine. I felt great during the meal and wasn’t sleepy or headachy last night. Not at all. I woke up with minor congestion which is typical.  Thanks again for all of your coaching! It’s working!

Michelle E
Rachel is passionate about nutrition and helping you find your grounding, balance, and well-being. My husband and I have both worked with Rachel and are very grateful for her wisdom, and guidance on our healing journey. Aside from her steeped knowledge on nutrition, Rachel deeply cares about the whole person and weaves this into her practice. I highly recommend Rachel.
Catherine Duncan, Owner, Learning To Live LLC

My main struggle was inflammation due to osteoarthritis. I also wanted to reduce weight to help my knee joints. Before working with Rachel I had joint soreness throughout my body. Now I have much less soreness and pain in most joints.  I have also lost weight and am hoping to continue to lose more. 

I appreciated the various tools she shared that helped me with making wiser food choices. I also appreciated her perseverance in hanging in there with me and her encouragement.

Give Rachel a try. She’s willing and able to help most any health/digestive problems you might have. She cares and wants you to be successful.

Julie S